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Business Facility construction

Pursuing total engineering from equipment manufacturing to turnkey construction.

Samjung Tech has constructed many projects on a turnkey basis including building mechanical and fire fighting works, clean room works and other various works, plant mechanical works, overseas project, and validation services with its abundant experience. As a result, it succeeded in shortening the delivery and improving quality, and has been a reliable total engineering and construction company.
  • Building mechanical works
  • Clean Room
  • Plant Mechanical works
  • Overseas Project

Building mechanical works

HVAC System
HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning) System provides a comfortable space for customers by discharging polluted air and making fresh air flow.. Samjung Tech has developed technology for chilling and heating efficiency and energy-saving with low noise, light weight, and miniaturization of products based upon precision construction. In addition, Samjung Tech has been putting every effort in technical development of facility for environment-friendly clean energy.
Plumbing System
Samjung Tech does its best for supplying and draining water sanitarily and safely by preventing indoor pollution from water leak or bad odor.
In addition, it has adopted a new engineering technology challenging to defect rate 0% in construction.
Fire Fighting System
Samjung Tech, as a specialized company, has observed fire-fighting regulation (NFSC) based upon excellent technical capacity, accumulated know how, and sincere construction.
Other Systems
Water Fountain, Sauna, Swimming Pool etc.