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Business Platform screen doors system

PSD means a safety system that guarantees the safety of passengers and maintains a comfortable environment.

Installation of PSD are expanding in order to minimize the possibility of unexpected accident and to raise the satisfaction level of the passengers at the Subway and LRT which have become the important transportation in the biggest cities of the world.
PSD means a safety system preventing the fall of passengers or objects onto track side by the installation of fixed wall and automatic doors between platform and track, screen doors synchronized with the opening and closing of the train's doors, and maintains comfort environment on platform.
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Effectiveness of PSD

01. Safety
Preventing passengers from falling onto track side by accidentally or intentionally, Blocking of heat and high temperature smoke in case of fire, Provision of safe escape route in case of emergency.
02. Comfort
Blocking of Piston Effect of train, Restraint of noise and dust resulting improvement of platform environment
03. Passenger regulation
Connecting spot linking train and passengers
04. Saving energy
Energy saving through remodeling of platform environment and HVAC system
05. Profitability
Profit achieved through advertising effect utilizing the fixed wall of PSD