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Business Parking system

Opening convenient and comfortable parking culture with advanced technology

Samjung Tech has accumulated the best leading technology and experience and supplied the most convenient and highly efficient parking system to solve the parking problems in the metropolitan area. We also have a variety of models to pursue high reliability, durability and speeds based on our experience and know-how for a long period of time and provide a pleasant parking environment to our customer with rapid after-sale service.
  • Ele-parking
  • Cart parking
  • Box parking
  • Trolley parking
  • Translator parking
  • Puzzle parking
  • Rotary Parking
  • Car Lift
  • Free parking


Elevator type
It features in installation of lift with a pallet on the center of tower and by moving the pallet to the right and left after a car is entered on it. You can find the cutting-edge technology of Samjung Tech with express running speed by the latest elevator system and low-noise, low-vibration operating mechanism.
  1. 1) Easy to use for drivers
  2. 2) Low noise, low vibration and environmentally friendly
  3. 3) Express running of 90m/min ~ 145m/min to shorten
    entry and exit of cars
  4. 4) Easy to enter and exit with built-in turntable
  5. 5) You can choose suitable model according to installation methods,
    access methods and location.