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Business HVAC system

Making new era of energy saving by eco-friendly and high performance system

Samjung Tech has supplied energy-saving HVAC system required for various buildings such as large office buildings, hotels, hospitals, department stores and industrial production facilities, etc.
Samjung Tech's environment-friendly products implement innovative energy savings and cultivate s comfortable green living culture.
  • Absorption chiller & heater
  • Absorption chiller
  • Air handing unit
  • Other air conditioning unit

Absorption chiller & heater

Direct fired double effect absorption chiller & heater (COP 1.36)
Direct fired absorption chiller & heater, Samjung Tech's main product, is driven by combustible LNG, LPG and city gas. It produces and provides chilled water of 6~7 ℃ for HVAC system.
  1. 1) Highest efficiency and providing cost 26% energy savings compared to existing product
  2. 2) Applied the latest high-efficiency core technology
    • · High efficiency cycle and two stage evaporation/absorption
    • · Small-diameter high-efficiency heat transfer tube
    • · High efficiency plate heat exchanger technology
    • · Exhaust gas and condensed refrigerant heat exchanger technology
    • · Parallel flow inverter control technology (optional)
  3. 3) All models are acquired certificates and official test reposts
    for high-efficiency energy equipment
  4. 4) High performance and reliability for smart control panel
    • · Korea's best 10.4 wide touch screen
    • · SIEMENS's latest HVAC dedicated PLC
    • · VNC-based remote control technology (connected to smart phone, PC)
    • · Smart anti-freezing technology of Samjung Tech
  5. 5) Easy maintenance and operation
  6. 6) Prevent deformation and damage of equipment by installing RUPTURE DISC to all models

High-efficiency Hybrid absorption chiller & heater (Up to COP 1.8)
This advanced absorption chiller & heater is created by the "Solar Energy Hybrid Absorption Chilling and Heating system development" project from MKE during 2006~2012.
  1. 1) Acquired the industry’s first NET certification and core patent technology
  2. 2) Highest level solution for solar energy chilling and heating technology
    • · Reduced installation costs by 40% compared to
      the existing solar energy chilling technology
      Improved system efficiency by 30%
    • · Providing four season chilling and heating to overcome
      the limitations of existing solar energy system
    • · Utilizing renewable laws and supply support benefits related
      to renewable energy
  3. 3) Possible to connect to various heat source arrangements
    (district heating, cogeneration, plant heat source arrangement,
    fuel cell, etc.)
  4. 4) Providing integrated control solution
    (Remote control via a computer or smart phone)