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Developing the field of green and renewable energy as a professional company of nature type daylighting system
This is the best efficient daylighting system that transmits sunlight into the room from diffuser at ceiling of building through optical duct in which internal reflector is concentrated from light collecting panel of dome type daylighting system.
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Dome Type
Dome type's light-receiving part is more compact than that of independent type, resulting in maximizing light concentration.
Dome shape with smooth shape blends well with the surrounding environment such as office building and apartments. It is also suitable for residential and commercial space.
With the principle of double-parabolic reflector which maximizes the concentration and reflexibility of lights, it has PC (Poly Carbonate) casing to protect the delivery tube against the external environment and block the ultraviolet rays.

It maximizes the light collecting area to maximize the vertical light condensing and transmits the condensed light to reflector without touch induction pipe to optical wave to minimize loss of light due to the collision with the induction pipe.

Independent Type
Enjoy natural light from sunlight throughout the year.
The type uses daylighting system so that it has high efficiency even on a cloudy day.
It provides uniform illumination of the interior because it uses daylights (direct sunlight and scattering rays).
Low cost of maintenance and comfortably indoors, using illuminating light beneficial to the human body.
Wall Type
It has similar optical feature to independent type. It has considerably high daylight-factor and higher level of illumination in winter than summer as it is in wall.